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How to successfully sell your company?

réussir à céder son entreprise

Selling one’s company is a decision that managers continually encounter, as part of the normal business life cycle. Such an important consideration requires careful analysis, several months of preparation and a complex transfer process.
With more than 10 years of experience in M&A advisory in Tunisia, North Africa and the Middle East, Emergence Partners can help you assess the sale opportunity and move forward with confidence through every step of the process from initial planning stages to closing a deal to maximize business value and successfully complete the transaction.

A long and time-consuming process

There are many reasons why someone may choose to sell their business: retiring, investing in new projects, realizing a financial gain etc. Whatever your motivation for selling your company may be, patience is key. The transfer is an invariably slow process that requires careful attention at every stage.
That said, day-to-day operations must pursue at their usual rate, avoiding any disruption. Interestingly, the manager needs to double down on financial performance focusing on company’s results and activity development. To sell their company is to highlight all the potential that the company may have before proceeding with its valuation.
Therefore, as a business owner, hiring professional advisors will allow you to focus on growing your company while they perform other tasks on your behalf and guide you through the entire process.

Solid advice is essential

The sale of a business, as a complex operation, must comply with a series of procedures and formalities involving financial, strategic, and operational aspects.
Therefore, as a seller of a company, it is in your best interest to be accompanied by skilled professionals who understand the procedures and timelines and can help you source and execute transaction opportunities. They will provide you with daily assistance in preparing presentation documents, searching for, and selecting the most suitable buyers, answering the questions investors might have, assisting in preparing future financial projections and conducting negotiations.

The perfect match for you

The terms “break away”, “split up”, “leave” are often used during the transfer process of a company. The pejorative connotation they may have tends to make the process even more complicated for the seller. That said, to facilitate the transition for the manager and the whole company team, it is essential to know how to choose your successor.
Handing over the business to someone able to maintain it and ensures its continuity is the last gift the seller will offer to his team. As difficult as the departure may be, finding the ideal successor will provide a comforting aspect.
The advisors you choose to assist you during the transfer process will find the perfect match.
Through its extensive network, Emergence Partners will be able to find the ideal buyer profile that meets your needs and requirements.
You must think outside the box to find the right buyer. Whether he can unlock new markets for the company, bring in additional expertise or integrate the business into a large value chain, the buyer will certainly contribute to the growth of the company while preserving what you have built.

Bringing you the most lucrative deal possible

Many managers attach an emotional value to their company, which makes it an invaluable asset. Thus, matching its value to its fair price could become a complicated exercise that tends to discourage potential buyers.
The role of Mergers and Acquisitions professionals is to carry out the valuation exercise in a fair and relevant manner based on company, sector and business environment analysis and applying the appropriate valuation methods. All to determine the right price that integrates all the potential of the business and properly conveys its true value.
Ultimately, the reasons why managers sell their companies differ from one transaction to another. Most importantly, management needs to seek out knowledgeable professionals who are tried and tested in the field offering a well thought-out and tailored approach.

Are You Ready for M&A Solutions?

If you are considering partnering with a financial or strategic investor, pursuing your company growth through acquisitions or any other strategic project, our M&A experts at Emergence Partners would love to hear from you. Let’s discuss how we can make great things happen.


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