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Dauphine Career Fair

As part of Emergence Partners’ recruitment strategy, Emergence Partners’ team participated in the 5th edition of Paris Dauphine University annual career fair held on November 20th, 2019 in Tunis.

Seeking to engage meaningfully with Tunisian students

The renowned career fair that welcomed around 36 companies and more than 500 students was an important opportunity to connect with students and future graduates. It is a way that enabled us to engage with students in meaningful ways such as offering internships that can evolve into full-time opportunities as well as advising students, we met considering career paths in finance.

Rewarding encounters, rewarding experience

Paris Dauphine University undergraduate and graduate students; along with other Tunisian universities, who were eager to know more about the M&A profession and looking for advice to start their career, have visited Emergence’s booth. The audience met our young professionals who happen to be Dauphine University Alumni and who were more than happy to listen to them and exchange with them by answering their questions and finding out more about their profiles and ambitions.

Young Tunisians interested in M&A

Emergence Partners is committed to and working on improving knowledge about the M&A advisory profession in Tunisia so as to highlight its important role in carrying out Tunisian companies’ external growth strategies. We strongly believe that getting the Finance students and graduates to better know our profession is a huge part of the work. We were surprised by the interest these young people have for M&A and we were pleased to discuss the impact it’s having on the Tunisian business landscape, the strategic moves driving the market and the recent deals happening in the region.