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la Newsletter trimestrielle

Numéro 01 | Octobre 15, 2021

Closed Deal

Emergence acted as exclusive
advisor of Axil Tunisie Group
in the sale of 100% of its
shares to a large European
industrial group.

Axil Tunisie is a Tunisian company specialized in thermoplastic injection. By advising on its sale to a large European group, Emergence Partners saw a great opportunity for Axil to be part of a bigger diversified industrial entity and thus to have a larger presence in the European markets. On one hand, this strategic partnerships allows to carry out the development plan of the company benefiting its future growth. On the other hand, this cross-border transaction strengthens the acquiror’s plastic injection division and puts into motion the multiple synergies that can be operated with the companies of the Group.

Corporate Finance Advisory

Emergence advised the IsDB
on the establishment of an
Awqaf Asset Management
Company Jointly with Matine

IsDB, under its President’s 5-year Program (P5P), is launching a new initiative, an Awqaf Asset Management Company “ACAP” aimed at promoting the global growth of the Awqaf sector.

Our works included i/ the establishment of strategic positioning and longterm strategic plan notably the Strategy & Business Model of ACAP, and its Operating model ii/ the development of the Business Plan and Detailed Roadmap that revolve around a detailed and sophisticated Financial Model, aiming at calculating the financial implications of launching ACAP iii/ the set up and marketing of the Fundraising strategy including the related investor package.

Corporate Finance Advisory

After successful internships at Emergence Partners, we welcome Mayssoun Kalboussi and Nawres Ounis to the Team as full-time M&A
Mayssoun Kalboussi is an IHEC Carthage and Paris Dauphine University alumni. She has prior experience as an intern in advisory, accounting and HR.
Nawres Ounis is an IHEC Sousse and Paris Dauphine University alumni.
She has prior experience as an intern in banking.



Some months ago, I was offered the opportunity to join an open, dynamic, and innovative work setting. Emergence Partners’ strong apprenticeship culture allowed me to learn by working closely with seasoned professionals in all walks of life. I was empowered to drive my own development and to focus on excellence.

I cannot wait to see where this chapter of my career will take me, and to grow and learn within this role.


I had the opportunity to join Emergence Partners as a Financial Analyst for my end-of-studies internship.

As soon as I arrived, I appreciated the rigor and professionalism of the team, which placed a lot of importance on the integration of its collaborators. I was supported in my main missions, while also encouraged to take initiatives.

Working at Emergence Partners is, for me, a guarantee of excellent training, skills developing and broadening career prospects due to the diversity of the projects we work on.

Corporate Finance Advisory

Why companies need M&A?

Mergers and Acquisitions deals can transform your business !

The financial world set a record in 2021 for mergers and acquisitions. The value of such deals has reached $3.9tn to date, according to data compiled by Refinitiv, eclipsing the previous record, set in 2007, more than double the amount from the same period last year, and up from $2.6tn in 2019.As strategic as M&A deals can be, there are also economic reasons at their core…. Continue reading