mayssoun kalboussi

Location: Tunis

Mayssoun Kalboussi

Mayssoun Kalboussi joined our firm in 2021 as part of M&A Analyst program.

Before joining Emergence Partners, Mayssoun had experience, as an intern, in creating and developing startups with the firm Advantage Consulting. Prior to that, she completed an internship in human resources at Leoni Wiring Systems Tunisia working on service automation.

Mayssoun graduated from Paris Dauphine University with an MSc in Corporates and Markets Finance. She also has a license degree in Finance Management from IHEC Carthage, Tunis. Additionally, she was project manager at Enactus IHEC Carthage, a social entrepreneurship program, winner of the 2017 national competition and semi-finalist at the London World Cup in the same year.

Mayssoun is fluent in Arabic, French and English.

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